The Faltin House

Comfort's Most Prestigious Historical Residence
310 4th Street Comfort Texas 78013

The Faltin House and us:
The Faltin House is a Grand Old Victorian Home designed and built by famous architect Albert Felix Beckmann of San Antonio Circa 1894. My wife and I purchased TFH in 1984 when it had just turned 90 years old, soon we will celebrate 125th anniversary of TFH.

At the time we purchased the property it had been vacant for years and was in disrepair. We have lovingly restored the property and raised our Children and Grandchildren here over the past 3 decades. During that time we've added amenities like Pool, Outdoor Kitchen, Gym, Guest House, 2 Bunkhouse and 5 lots on the Cypress Creek just 2 blocks away for Canoes-Kayaks-Boats & fishing and of course the famous ROPE SWING! Altogether The Faltin House is such a wonderful property and has become the meeting place for friends and family for graduations, birthdays, weddings, church events and just family gatherings.

Now as empty nesters we will occasionally make TFH available to Church groups or families coming into Comfort for Weddings and Reunions.

Thanks for stopping by,
Robin & Lilia
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