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We are upgrading our website to allow bookings from multipule sources i.e. our website, airbnb, vrbo and others . For the next few days we are asking all Guests to only book through the following airbnb links or contact us directly to prevent double bookings.

There are many photos on each AIRBNB link. We have also included a few at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your patience:
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A little more about The Faltin House and us:
The Faltin House is a Grand Old Victorian designed and built by famous architect Albert Felix Beckmann of San Antonio Circa 1895.

My wife and I have been married 33 years and have owned The Faltin House 32 of those years. When we purchased the property it had not been lived in for years and was in disrepair. We have lovingly restored the property and raised our Children and Grandchildren here over the past 3 decades. During that time we added amenities like Pool, Outdoor Kitchen, Gym, Guest House, 2 Bunkhouse and 5 lots on the Cypress Creek just 2 blocks away for Canoes-Kayaks-Boats & fishing. Altogether The Faltin House is such a wonderful property and has become the meeting place for friends and family for graduations, birthdays, weddings, church events and just family gatherings.

Now Empty-Nesters Lilia and I travel a great deal. Our travel style could be best described as "relational travel", we love to get to know the places and people we travel too. The fruit has just been amazing with so many new friends along the way, many of whom have become dear friends and we frequently travel back to places just because of relationships that have developed there.

We have a full staff to take care of The Faltin House, Family and Guests. We first started renting our Guest House and Bunkhouses on AirBNB to help us offset staff expenses. However, the surprise of our life has been the amazing new relationships that have formed with our Guests, many of whom return several times a year. We also own a couple successfull businesses and some of our friends have teased us saying "You have a full time job!" Our answer to then is a resounding: We love it! Who would have ever known, the greatest things we love about our travels we are finding here in our home sharing this wonderful place and getting to know our guests. It's such a blessing to sit out on the Deck by the Pool with a Glass of Wine in the evenings or over a cup of coffee in the morning and just share the many Stories about restoring the house or of the many places and events going on in Comfort and the Wonderful Texas Hill Country.

There is one comon thread we hear over and over and that is how Peaceful it is here at the Faltin House. Many of our guests check in and never leave while others rise early and are off for adventures or Weddings. The mornings are specail here with the early morning Bird Singing and the occasional Rooster down the street chiming in. We start serving Coffee at 8:30 until 11 AM, however many of our guests enjoy sleeping in so we try very hard to keep things as tranqual as possible. To that end, we do not serve breakfast like some BNBs do due to the noise it makes down stairs in the Main House as guests are sleeping upstairs. However there are many resturants here in Comfort and the best of all is Cafe on High, they have a great Breakfasts for under $7. High's is just 4 blocks away.

The Faltin House is in the Historical District of Comfort and walking distance (only 4 blocks) from Downtown resturants and shops. The Faltin House is also just across the street from the Park and Spinelli's Wedding Venue and only 4 blocks from The Inguenhuett on High Wedding Venue.Whether you are looking for an overnight stay for a Wedding, a weekend retreat or a place to have the entire family The Faltin House is a great family friendly place. We have 5 Rooms, 2 Bunk Houses and the Guest / Bridal House capable of sleeping 24 people on beds and possibly more....

Since opening out home to guests the responce has been overwhelming with most weekends fully booked. Of course with every venture there is a learning curve, we started out allowing guests to book on our website, VRBO, AIRBNB and others and we soon learned the risk for double booking was an issue. So for the moment we have changed our website to this temp splash page and asking guests to book directly through us by email at or through AIRBNB, I've addeded links to each room at the bottom. If you book directly through us we accept PayPal or credit cards through PayPal, Cash or Check when paid in advance of arrival. If you are interested in specific dates please feel free to contact me dirctly by email or call me at 210 367 0140. We also own a business so I have a fulltime job (haha) so at times I respond in the evenings. As you can see from our feedback on AIRBNB we have perfect 5 Star reviews and I'm very good about responding quickly. Just please keep in mind that if you do call, txt or email during normal business hours it may be in the evenings before I reply.
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