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Asset remarketing, management and recycling since 1970

At King Surplus, we specialize in the acquisition, sale, trade, management, storage, and recycling of surplus business and industrial assets.

Our services cater to a diverse range of clients, encompassing tangible and intangible resources such as inventory, fixed assets, intellectual property, relationships, websites, and even entire businesses.

Our comprehensive approach includes plant decommissioning and dismantling, with a keen focus on environmental management. In Mexico, we expertly navigate the liquidation process, including employee settlements, import/export, transportation, and pedimentos.

Since our establishment in 1970, we have garnered invaluable experience in numerous industries and asset market segments, positioning ourselves as renowned experts in the United States and around the globe.

We take pride in our ability to minimize liability while maximizing return through the strategic redeployment of capital assets to the marketplace, ensuring efficient, professional, and sustainable asset management for our clients.

Outsourcing is your best solution

We operate as a seamless extension of your organization, offering comprehensive outsource solutions rather than acting as a mere vendor. By integrating with your company, we enable you and your employees to remain focused on your core business, while we expertly manage your surplus assets.

Our approach ensures that your core business productivity is not compromised, as your team is free from the distractions of tasks they may not be experienced in. With our 53 years of expertise and an extensive customer base, we ensure maximum value for your assets.

Our proprietary software, AMP™ (Asset Management Platform), provides real-time visibility into the status of your assets, allowing you to engage in the process as much or as little as you desire. Furthermore, AMP™ enables us to develop tailored solutions for your unique needs.

For instance, we can simultaneously liquidate two facilities in Phoenix or Mexico City, while automatically offering all assets to your subsidiaries across the globe before making them available to the public. This strategy, known as asset redeployment, optimizes the value of your surplus assets.

We have designed a unique 50-Day Success Window, which comprises five 10-day periods:

  1. Days 1-10: All assets are offered exclusively to the client's subsidiaries, business units, or offices.
  2. Days 11-20: Last call for internal offerings.
  3. Days 21-30: Sales initialization to our established customer network.
  4. Days 31-40: Final call within our internal network.
  5. Days 41-50: Worldwide offerings on all integrated marketplaces.

Our approach ensures professional, efficient, and sustainable asset management, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, while maximizing the return on their surplus assets.

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop and integrate custom management tools tailored to your company's specific needs. Our team of experts can create a range of applications, from simple asset management interfaces to comprehensive enterprise networks, ensuring seamless functionality and accessibility for your employees.

With our bespoke solutions, your team can effortlessly request appraisals, initiate recycling processes, arrange for purchases, sales of assets, redeployments, transfers or even coordinate shipments to various locations.

By providing tailored, professional, and efficient asset management systems, we empower your organization to optimize its surplus assets and maintain focus on its core business objectives.

Our clients range from global enterprises to family businesses

We identify clients as those we buy from or manage assets for. Our clients are companies like: Alcoa, Caterpillar, Chemical Lime, Commercial Metals, Del Monte, General Electric, AEP, Sears, University of Texas, Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, GSA, US Gypsum, Structural Metals, and the list goes on.

We don’t just handle enterprises, we also work with families with estate issues, and individuals from every walk of life.

Assets, not the size or shape of the business they come from, are our commodity.

Therefore, no job is too large or small. We service client's needs that are as simple as a single asset, as complex as an entire company with facilities in multiple countries, or as important as a family business.

Our customers help us maximize your value

We identify customers as those we sell to. Most of our customers are wholesalers, distributors or dealers. These offer the greatest opportunity for us to get your greatest value. While auctions often draw bargain seekers, our customers are willing to pay for what they can profit from.

Not only are they our customers, but we have trusted relationships with them as industry experts and real buyers that we call on time after time to move a wide variety of surplus assets from multiple market segments. We simply manage the process in away that is trusted by both clients and customers alike.

But commodities do not define the person or the company any more than the car they drive. Purpose does.

Our purpose is to see, create, and package value in a way that is quickly understandable, deliverable and profitable ™

Value is not determined by size, shape or condition. It is determined by two real buyers. Take away one of the two and the value is gone.

People will buy just about anything if the price is right. That's not value, but yet that is exactly what happens at public auctions every day.

We are artists in fairness and technicians in discovering and creating value.

Vision is what success looks like to the runners, the support team, and the spectators. We find our success in creating value.

Our purpose is to see, create, and package value in a way that is quickly understandable, deliverable, and profitable ™

Our vision is enabling our clients to stay focused on their future by becoming a reliable source to manage, remarket, or purchase used & surplus assets.

At King Surplus, our vision is to revolutionize the way our clients unlock the true potential of their surplus assets. We strive to be the global leader in surplus asset management, providing sustainable, innovative, and client-centric solutions that maximize value, minimize waste, and promote a circular economy.

Over 100 years ago every house had a water cistern. Today, you can’t find one. Why? Because we have created reliable distribution channels for water that comes to our homes that enables us to turn on and off the water, without a second thought.

Through our unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology called our AMP ™ system , we empower organizations to embrace responsible asset management practices and distribution channels, that benefit the environment, local communities, and their bottom lines.

Together, we are building a future where surplus assets are transformed into new opportunities, fostering economic growth and a more sustainable world for all.

We are King Surplus, and we are the ultimate form of recycling.

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